Dear Reader/Viewer:

This website will contain mostly screenshots from my poem translations on a now defunct website (http://myweb.dal.da/waue/index.html).  This personal site was once hosted by Dalhousie University’s “myweb”  Novell server for free and public use by their students and faculty.  Dalhousie’s “myweb” is scheduled for termination by the end of 2016.

These screenshots will show side-by-side displays of poems and their translations into various languages, usually English and German.  The original links, readings, videos, photographs, academic comments, etc., will, however, be missing in this format.

Most of the original poems are in the public domain, but some of the more recent ones are still or newly under copyright protection.  My translations were done under fair-use rules solely for academic purposes and are protected by copyright against commercial (ab)use.

My translations may be freely used for non-commercial purposes (ONLY!), if properly referenced as to source and copyright (Walter A. Aue, 2016).  In case of questions, please contact me at my Dalhousie University e-mail address.

I hope you enjoy these beautiful poems that deal mostly, though not exclusively with autumn and autumn moods.

Poetically yours,

Walter A. Aue

e-mail:  waue@dal.ca